Cultural Exhibition- Jamo: The Nigerian word for Jamaicans

How amazing that there is a word for everthing in every culture and every Language.

When I discovered that Nigerians calls or refers to Jamaicans as "Jamo," I was wondering if it was derogatory I got curious and sat out to research what it means.
To my surprise, I fonmd that it was rather a term of endearment and that there is a healthy history of collaborations and a long-standing love affair between the two. I registered in my mind that one day I would do a Show and Title it "JAMO"

Being Jamaican and fully aware of the fact that I belong to the West African Diaspora, I present to you the marriage of two cultures (Naijas and Jamos).

Solo Art Exhibition

“Jamo: Tropical Accents

is a Solo exhibition of Old and New Mixed Media Works, expressive of the African textile Traditions of weaving and layering.

You will see the similarities in the use of colors, textures, movement and repetitious patterning and designs.

Come party with the artist, and take works home.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

from 4pm-10pm

Show will be up for two months: Sept-Oct


Photo Credits Edwin Rivera 2016