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Jackson Shuri created this for you: This is where you can become a collector of the works of Jackson Shuri. Being a collector/Supporter is of the Arts is one of the most valuable thing you can do in this life. Art appreciates in value unlike your care. Love what you See, Now take it Home, It was made for your pleasure and investment.  

Dream 2016 By Jackson Shuri

Dream 2016 By Jackson Shuri


Red for passion
Green for rebirth, spring, and GO
The symbol for hope.

Mixed Media On Canvas
43’’ X 43’’

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Keep the dream Alive by any means possible.
A laser Like focus is need to sustain your dreams DREAMS.
You are the star
You are already a super-star
Big up Yourself don’t expect it from others if you can’t do it for yourself.
Stay Positive, Stay on top of things, have a plan backed by desire and enough of emotion to materialize it. Keep dreaming as dreams keeps us alive.
Believe and achieve.
Without a deep sense of mission you are dead.
without believe you are dead.
Work it!

Just do it!!!