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Yes Your Life Matters

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Yes Your Life Matters


This work was inspired by the current issue of (Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, All Lives Matter Period).  


  • Canvas (24''x24'')
  • Signed on Back 2015
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Yellow Plastic Caution Tape 
  • Silver Wire Mesh

This work comes with a certificate of Authenticity. 



  • This work is final sale and  not eligible for return

  • Ships in 10-14 Days

Take Me Home

Yes Your Life Matters was inspired and created to the unfortunate happenings in our popular culture as it pertains to Life!

Ideas Around this Painting

  • Yes your Life Matters If Value Is Placed and appointed to your life by the powers that be
  • Unfortunately there are Biases that still exists in our culture leading to the need for expressing the value of life 
  • There are Sub-culures within each racial groups that needs to be examined as the value of life is still delicate among people of the same racial ethnicity. 
    • Caution: All people need to be cautious as to how and where and why decisions are made!!
    • The Human element should be respected no matter what

This art work is cut out in the middle of the word LIFE to emphasize the "IF'' in the word LIFE. 
There is also a cutout at the Word "YES" 

The Pink Vertical drips or runs down the painting symbolizes the Blood that's shed when a life is taken violently. 
The Green Represents life and renewal, yellow represents, the fact that one needs to be alert and smart about decisions made,  white represents the Spirit, and Sacredness of LIFE and blue represents that fact that we all need to just calm ourselves in unsettling situation and see both sides of the coin. 


The mesh represents a GRID. It represents the population, and the layering of cultures within a given society. 

This is a culturally relevant work and a multi-layered conversational piece. Enjoy