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The Wall

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The Wall


This artwork was created in response to the September 16, 2015, Republican Primary Debate. In particular, its a response to Business Mogul Donald Trump's Solution to the U.S Mexican Border Situation. "I Will Build A Wall, A Great Great Wall, The Wall of Trump."

The orange, yellow and blue outlined cells are  a metaphor for the people Trump intends to keep out of the U.S.A.  The rusted Sheet Metal is the is the actual wall, and the zinc being reflective serves as an extra layer of reinforcement. The reflective nature of the zinc is also intended to reflect the image of the people building the wall and questions their humanity. The steps built of the sheet metal material represents this grate wall that no matter how hard one tries to get over it, it's not reachable because Trump will mechanize ways to ensure this evil plan is materialized. 

The work was  built using:

  1. Acrylics
  2. Canvas
  3.  Rusted Sheet Metal
  4. Zinc

The work is signed on the Back. There are no reproductions, no print. 1:1 

This work comes with a certificate of Authenticity. 



  • This work is final sale and  not eligible for return

  • Ships in 10-14 Days

Take Me Home

Painting is on Canvas and Measures  H=24''x w=24'' by D=1.5'' 

Created in the Year 2015

1/1= one o one

Original Work of art=no prints=no reproductions

Mixed media painting that has sculptural elements

The artist is a graduate of Long Island University In Long Island New York