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Sacred Conversation 2017 Amoako Peter

Sacred Conversation.jpg
Sacred Conversation.jpg

Sacred Conversation 2017 Amoako Peter


Title: Sacred Conversation

Dimension: 30" x 40"

Medium: Acrylic on canvas


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To acknowledge all of the pieces that go into making you a complete person is the route to go, a pathway, a new space to work, an exploring memories. So my work started to really take on this quality of ravenous consumption, and I wanted to see how many different ways I could extend my personality, or my identity into my work , I find that to do more truthful than not. I keep exploring within Ghanaian traditional cultural heritage, especially swimming through the gamut of Adinkra symbols which forms part of the African Alphabets born out from an oral story telling tradition and have grown up in a variety of forms across the African continent and the Diaspora. Sacred patterns from Traditional kente cloth, a great harmony of spiritual peace and beauty. The deployed lines in the painting, some thin, thick, shot, long, curved, straight, all harmoniously interlocking into an organic whole, only reinforces the Africa world-view, which is characterized by Unity, Harmony, Balance, Spirituality and organic interrelationship and interdependence of all beings with the universe, living and non living, animate and inanimate.
This piece glows gradually through a calm moment of deep meditation yet you must keep on the watch and pray to conquer the divine path to spirituality. Every minute of movement in life is highly definitive, constructing a solid linkage within the past and present, space and time. The painting creates a strong exercise for the viewer, giving him or her new space to work and explore all the communicative energies embedded in these sacred Adinkra symbol.
The display of a complex composition of strokes of identity, with variety of shape and form of Adinkra symbols, projecting some prominently and push other symbols behind, the rough edges of these symbols define my new identity and original approach in bring out these sacred symbol to life.