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Portal To My Garden

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#jackson-shuri-2015-stainedglass-sheetmetal (2).JPG
#jackson-shuri-2015-stainedglass-sheetmetal (5).JPG
Annice-Gee-photographer-artist-jackson-shuri-2015 (37).JPG

Portal To My Garden


This work is inspired by Large Imposing Doors that leads you into beautiful Spaces. 


  • Canvas
  • Size (24''x24'')
  • Signed on Back 2015 = Signature
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Sheet Metal
  • Wire Mesh

This work comes with a certificate of Authenticity. 



  • This work is final sale and  not eligible for return

  • Ships in 10-14 Days

Take Me Home

Portal to my Garden  Is created to connect you to illusions of endless wholes inspired by one of Jackson's  favorite artist an His work( Claude Monet=Water Lilies 1914-1926).

The Palette is inspired by the 250 paintings of Monet's Pallet as seen In the water Lilies Collection.

When you think about it: A portal Takes you into the future or blast you to the past.  Look at this work and its composition Long enough and you begin to experience a sense of serenity and wonderment.  

Sheet Metal

The big imposing Sheet metal and its rusted earthy tones gives you the feeling of being grounded. The Lower section and the green of the composition = Lends itself to feelings of nature and life, the pink atop the green represents roots which then travels through the composition branching off in different directions giving lie to each cell in the garden. 

By no means limit your imaginations to  the above descriptions.