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Jackson Shuri, MOAL, Philip Pasqualono

  • Kingston 11 cuisine 2270 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, CA, 94612 United States (map)

Kingstone 11 Cuisine 2270 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA, 946122270 510.465.2558 786.447.5267

Art Exhibition Oakland, California, Tuesday April, the 25th, at 6:30pm. Kingstone 11 Cuisine, 2270 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA, 94612 presents for the first time in Oakland running the entire months of April and May the works of multi-media artist Jackson Shuri, Philip (Felipe) Pasqualino and M.O.A.L.

Special Guest Speaker - DORKA KEEHN SF Arts Commissioner Dorka Keehn is a San Francisco Arts Commissioner and award-winning artist. She chairs the Visual Arts Committee that commissions all the city’s public artwork and also works with developers on their public art requirements. Dorka is the co-founder of Sites Unseen, which brings art to neglected alleys in the Yerba Buena neighborhood.

Dorka will be at Kingstone 11 Cuisine on the Night of the Artists Reception to discuss the value of public art, and art in public spaces as well as some of her ongoing projects and role as San Francisco’s art commissioner, she will also comment on the works of Jackson Shuri, Philip (Felipe) Pasqualino and M.O.A.L.

Kingston 11 Cuisine is a premier nexus for fostering great affiliations, while positively breathing new life into Oakland and its surrounding communities. Step inside Kingstone 11 Cuisine and experience a friendly, community-oriented, innovative space providing consistent high-quality visual arts, electrifying music, performances and delicious blends of Jamaican and Californian cuisines. This is no doubt a cultural hub in Oakland for the culinary, visual and performance arts.

Committed to keeping multiculturalism alive in Oakland, Nigel Jones and partner Adrian Henderson provides a platform for artists and numerous organizations to showcase their talents and connect with the community.