Custom Work imbues custom Emotions Leading to Conversations Centered around your one of a kind collection. "Jackson Shuri"

Digital Explorations By Jackson Shuri 2017

There is no Art like your Own Art that has been Commissioned and is especially for you. The one of its kind you!!!

All custom artwork is on high-quality, archival, gallery wrapped canvas, and the best paints are used. Same thing for Mixed Media creations, superior materials are used.
To commission a painting, all you need to do is pick out a color palette, size and style.
Examples of styles to choose from include heavy textures, simple texture, mixed media, Feminist, Afrocentric, Afro-futurism, Abstract, Abstract Geometric, Tribal, Conceptual, Minimal,Dada, Digital, Expressionist, and Color-field. Browse through the paintings on my website to find a few you like as this may be able  to help you explain to me what you are looking for.
Commissioned artwork will take about four to eight weeks from start to finish depending on the complexity of the work.
I will begin painting as soon as I receive payment of 50% of the total. The 50% Deposit is nonrefundable. The other 1/2 is expected after you have confirmation the work is finished and is on its way to you.  

The Price List is as follows:

18x18 inches $500
18x36 inches $1,200
20x20 inches $1,000
20x30 inches $1,300
22x28 inches $1,500

24x24 inches $1,400
24x30 inches $1,600

24x48 inches $1,800
24x36 inches $1,350
30x30 inches $1,400
30x40 inches $2,000
36x36 inches $2,400 
36x12 inches $2,800
36x48 inches $3,200
36x60 inches $4,000
48x48 inches $5,500
48x60 inches $8,400
60x60 inches $9,200
72x60 inches $10,500
72x72 inches $15,000