An encounter with Jackson Shuri’s work will excite and enliven your contemporary state. Every opportunity is used to impart culture. Being a woman also continues to inspire and re-inspire the creative process, the world is her canvas. The artist is a living example of how to be one's true authentic self.  She uses her personal experiences to enrich the lives of others.

b. September 1986.
Multi-disciplinary  Artist
Curator of Culture
From the African Diaspora, Jackson attended the Jericho High School, in Long Island New York. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts, in Arts Education at the C.W. Post campus of the Long Island University in Greenvale New York. Jackson is Bi-coastal.

From humble beginnings, Jackson was abused as a child and placed in an orphanage from whence she was adopted and brought to the U.S.A. Jackson's story is one of overcoming she  uses art as her therapy.  Art is her way forward, its what keeps her grounded.  Trough art we see that  Jackson is able to share her ideas and experience of what it means to be a Black woman living and crating art in the 21st century. 


Being a multi-media artist Jackson often collaborates with other creatives. Jackson believes in community. She believes that together artists can unite and change the world, imparting knowledge and telling our stories so those who come after us can know what it was like to live in the times of Jackson Shuri,

Jackson believes censorship is bananas, she feels that one of God's greatest gifts to the human is the power of thought and intellect that should not be censored for in doing so we encourage isolation and intolerance.