Artist Statement

Jackson Shuri tells us why she creates the art she does.

Artist Statement:  I am a brand and everything I do is tied to my brand.

What I DO: I create multi-media paintings on whatever supports are available, be it canvas made from cotton or linen, be it wood, metal, clothing or found objects. I sometimes combine paintings with digital imaging and work between the digital and the traditional worlds.  My work serves to document my life experiences and personal odyssey for the most part, but I am also concerned with the plight of women around the world, rituals, sexual, gender and cultural identity. My early works were inspired by West African textile designs and weaving, much of which still exist in my latter creations evident in the over layering of textures and patterns.   Being born in Jamaica I am definitely inspired by heath, hence the warm vibrant colors I work with.

I create to heal myself, making art is not exactly cheaper than therapy but it’s more effective than therapy and serves to heal those who encounter the works as well.  So YES, it’s an act of preservation and a public service. Having a background in art education, I create to embolden you, to educate you and the empower you. I started off as an oil painter, but life became nomadic and oils don’t dry on the go, being based in NYC I spend winters in Miami, and now I travel the world creating as I go.  All that to say that, movement is an important element in my work. My rule of composition is, make no two elements the same, hence I fancy asymmetry and organic shapes.

I paint symbols, lately I’m obsessed with recapturing my childhood, and being forever young so I paint the symbol consisting of three circles which has been identified with the pop icon Mickey Mouse. In painting this symbol, I am recapturing my childhood.  It is a constant reminder for me to be happy while making others happy. When you look at these series of paintings you smile, I want to make you smile as much as I want to tell you to shut-up, stop, think and process things intelligently and with wisdom for yourself.

Jackson Shuri MIxed Media