Artist Statement

Jackson Shuri tells us why she creates the art she does.

I am a contemporary multi-cultural artist, constantly exploring ideas and materials. Culture and gender inspires  my creative process. My personal experiences also inspires my creations. An understanding that art and artist curates people and culture is important for me, I am interested in serving, preserving, and imparting values while I address various interest.

At the forefront of production is the concern to evoke, while educating, and inspiring a multitude of emotions. I use a variety of tools to craft my expressions.

I create because I have to, I create because it keeps me sane, my childhood was a bit difficult growing up in foster homes and orphanages and then being adopted and moving to a foreign land all of this affects my creations and what I document.
I use my art to tell my story of growth and survival, with the intention of emboldening you and showing you that you can move on with your life no matter what happens or comes your way.

Jackson Shuri MIxed Media