About Amoako Peter

Amoako Peter 2017 Installation (Ghana)

Amoako Peter, popularly known as Amoako Gh, is a multi-media artist born in Safo, a small traditional kente weaving and farming community located at the Kwabre district of the Ashanti region – Ghana. Trained as a traditional weaver, the artist owes everything he knows to the tutelage of his grandfather known to be a master weaver and pattern designer in his hometown.

[Painting]1 since infancy, Amoako Perter’s current professional practice includes solo and group exhibitions held across Ghana and beyond. His works can be found in many private collections; the African studies Department, University of Ghana - Legon, ATAG Art Gallery (Kumasi), Rain bowl Hotel-Takoradi and Kumasi cultural art gallery, Toyota Ghana Limited - kumasi, and Samira Mascos - Lebanon ( private collections) to name a few.

Amoako is an emotional multilingual, multi-media artist painting predominantly in the style of the abstract expressionist. Fabric weaving, singing and songwriting, sculpture and installations are the backbone of his practice. His work stands at the crossroads of vocalizations, instrumentation, materialism and techniques, where textiles serve as the catalyst for his paintings, experimentations and structural transformations; popular culture his music.

Amoako develops his concepts through his intimate connection to the indigenous traditional and cultural heritage of Ghana. The weaving, stamping and dyeing of fabrics inspires and humbles with its soulful, untimely patience, revealing its character and spirit as strokes of colors is the unveiling results of a labor intensive process.

A cultural translator, preserving and creatively delivering the dialect of various indigenous sounds and fabric designs to the global vernacular, is one of the driving forces behind Amoako’s eloquent translations. The indigenous fashion culture of Ghanaians through the visual language of painting, and song writing is full of passion, texture and movement.

Amoako captures the inner originality of his own cultural soul, embracing and moving through the depths of the shadows of Ghanaians and the irresistible subjects. Projecting the cultural heritage to the Diaspora is the mission of Amoako.